ERTICO presented the latest update on its activities at the bi-annual meeting held for public authority Partners last week. Zeljko Jeftic, ERTICO’s Deputy Director of Innovation and Deployment, set out to inspire Partners with solutions offered by The ERTICO Academy and to underline the importance of the European Commission’s Green Deal for meeting shared mobility goals. I&D colleagues Giacomo Somma and Aleksandra Maj joined him by presenting the recently launched SolutionsPlus project and offering a sneak peak at ERTICO’s soon to be revealed City Moonshot concept.

The fires in Australia and the recent floods in the UK are the latest tell-tale signs of a dangerous change in our climate and symbolic of man’s impact on the planet. In January, the European Commission responded to the challenge with the European Green Deal, which sets a target of delivering a 90% reduction in CO2 from the transport industry by 2050. ‘It creates a roadmap for making the EU economy sustainable, but is more than that as it creates a real opportunity for us working in the mobility sector to fulfill our vision and contribute to the EU’s goal,’ says Zeljko. This will mean the implementation of smarter mobility solutions across all aspects of the transport sector including amongst others, one million recharging stations established in Europe.  ‘It will require cities to put in place ambitious and tangible targets’ continued Zeljko ’but ERTICO will be there to help. We can offer advice on innovation solutions in MaaS, digital freight, electro-mobility, C-ITS solutions and smart traffic management. The ERTICO Academy has a complete training offer for the de-carbonisation of cities and can assist cities to meet the challenges that face them today and tomorrow. Together we can create a long-lasting and real-life contribution to the EU’s goals.’

The four-year project SolutionsPlus began early in 2020 and will assist in the demonstration and uptake of e-mobility solutions for sustainable urban transport in EU and developing countries. The cities of Hanoi (Vietnam), Pasig (Philippines), Kathmandu (Nepal), Kigali (Rwanda), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Quito (Ecuador), Montevideo (Uruguay), Madrid (Spain) and Hamburg (Germany) are involved as demonstration cities. Conceived in the context of the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda, the SolutionsPlus project will deliver innovative and integrated e-mobility solutions designed to fit the context, society and business culture of those cities also involved through e.g. the United Nations GEF-7 programme. It will also build the tools to replicate them in other countries and to start the transition towards low-carbon urban mobility. ‘This project gives a real opportunity to leverage partnerships, add value and new perspectives to smart and green mobility across the world,’ says ERTICO’s Giacomo Somma. The project will encourage solutions focusing on shared and public multi-modal transport modes, covering different types of vehicles (2-3 wheelers, retro-fit buses), and their operation and integration infrastructure through innovative charging solutions as well as the integration of these offerings into MaaS, eco-routing, last mile solutions and network planning and fleet management.

Aleksandra Maj gave a sneak preview of ERTICO’s City Moonshot, a soon to be revealed survey that will carry out insightful interviews with 300 cities across the world, encouraging them to step up  to the challenge of a more sustainable, smarter and safer future. ERTICO is interested to hear from all cities who wish to be involved in this global initiative.

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ERTICO’s meetings are now being held virtually due to European travel restrictions.