With over 1,000 participants, plenary sessions and a large exhibition area, the second ITS Turkey Summit took place in Ankara on 11 and 12 March. The ERTICO team attended the Summit to further collaborate with ITS Turkey on new policies and technologies related to smart mobility.

Collaboration is an important element of development and innovation in all areas. ERTICO’s international strategy for ITS brought the public-private partnership to Turkey for its second ITS Summit, where ERTICO CEO Jacob Bangsgaard joined high level representatives from the Turkish Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Urban Planning to present Europe’s latest policies and technologies for smart mobility.

“Turkey’s ITS community is considering the same mobility challenges as we face in Europe, especially the ones related to connectivity, C-ITS deployment, urban mobility solutions, traffic management and road pricing. Europe and Turkey are working on the same policy strategies and topics, which makes collaboration very important if we want to align our strategies and find common solutions”, he concluded. There was great interest in what ERTICO does and there were many organisations interested in potential collaboration with ERTICO.

Attendees at the Summit also had the chance to learn more about the range of services that ERTICO offers. This includes ERTICO’s ITS European and World Congresses, including the first ever Eastern European Congress to be held in Kazan, Tatarstan in September 2020. Through these congresses companies and organisations can play a role in international development and be exposed to business partners outside their country or region.

Turkish ITS representatives and experts also had the chance to attend the very first ERTICO Academy training, which took place aside from the Summit.

“Turkey was very honoured to be chosen for the first ever ERTICO Academy session”, said Mr. Bangsgaard. With over 30 participants, the very first ERTICO Academy training was deemed a real success and collected positive feedback from those attending.  ERTICO will continue to explore collaboration and innovation opportunities with ITS Turkey as well as other national ITS organisations.