During the Automotive Week the Innovative Traffic Control Center will be opened by the Dutch minister of Infrastructure, Mw. Schultz Van Haegen. Thanks to the Innovative Traffic Control Center the Netherlands is the first country in Europe to make testing of traffic management innovations possible in a real life environment. This confirms the leading position of the Netherlands in the field of knowledge and innovation. The Innovative Traffic Control Center sets its goals to realize an acceleration towards deployment of Smart Mobility with a focus on cooperative and connected ITS.

The province of Noord-Brabant

The province of Noord-Brabant is proud that this Innovative Traffic Control Center is unique in the Netherlands and Europe and located in Brabant.

Top region on knowledge and innovation

The province of Noord-Brabant invests in the future to keep this leading position. By smartly using the existing roads, we keep our economic hotspots in Brabant accessible. We use a set of measures and instruments to influence the behavior of road users. This is what we have put into practice in innovative projects, such as: Spitsmijden (avoiding peak traffic), Brabant in-car III (A67), Freilot and Compass4D. The acquired experience is used in new innovative projects, for example by the project Spookfiles A58 (shockwave jams on the A58).

Strong position of Brabant

We need perseverance, cooperation and the connection between theory and practice to manage traffic flows. In the province of Noord-Brabant we possess these kind of qualities. The Automotive Week will show that!


Original source: Automotive Week