Orange Business Services and Valeo presents Valeo NFC Access System an innovative car-sharing concept

Based on a partnership between Orange Business Services and Valeo this concept assigns vehicles easily for car-sharing between friends and fleet management for company needs. With this solution based on contact-free NFC (Near Field Communications) technology and thanks to a community web application it is possible to temporarily transfer the ignition key to a mobile telephone and thus open and start a vehicle using your telephone.

A solution for manufacturers and service operators in the automotive sector

This concept is part of Orange IT mobile service operator strategy and is fully in line with its objective to develop innovative communication solutions for the transportation sector. With the development of Valeo NFC Access System Orange Business Services once again confirms its technological prowess and ability to develop and operate NFC applications tailored to the needs of companies and private customers.

Optimise vehicle usage and fleet management

This concept has been carefully crafted to cater to new car-sharing needs by private customers and companies with fleet management needs. Among its many benefits the solution makes it possible to:


  • Lend or borrow a key at a distance without physical transfers of key
  • Avoid any risk of losing keys by transferring a virtual one
  • Control and limit key distribution
  • Optimise vehicle usage from the car-sharing web site
  • Share usage and maintenance costs
  • Preserve the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of a fleet.



Using your mobile phone as the ignition

Valeo NFC Access System is based on contact-free Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which makes it possible to exchange data with a vehicle over short distances using your mobile phone. The solution ensures that car-pooling follows a simple process:

  • The owner of the vehicle fitted Valeo NFC Access System technology or the
    vehicle fleet manager logs onto the car-pooling site.
  • She or he builds up the community of users by sending them an SMS.
  • Once the invitation has been accepted the NFC-enabled mobile handset
    belonging to community members can be used as a virtual key.
  • The member uses the car-sharing site to book the time slot for using the vehicle.
  • Once approved by the owner the member receives a temporary key transfered to
    his or her handset via the Orange platform – Orange as NCF operator and trusted
    third party
  • What the member has to do is to take his or her mobile phone to aim it to the
    vehicle door and dashboard to start the engine or the car.


The Valeo NFC Access System is totally secured and complies with the security standards of the original key. Activating the virtual key implies car availability and the owner’s or fleet manager agreement. This development is in line with the aims of Orange Business Services and Valeo to promote systems reducing CO2 emissions.

Orange and Valeo presented a functional demonstration of their car-sharing service at the 2010 Paris Auto Show 30 September to 17 October 2010 at the Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles



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Original Publication Date: Mon 25 Oct 2010