When: 23-24 November 2010
Where: Malmö Sweden

Register now for the ROSATTE workshop and share with us the project results and your view on road safety attributes exchange in Europe!

Started in 2008 the ROSATTE project (for Road Safety Attributes exchange infrastructure in Europe) aims at establishing an efficient and quality ensured data supply chain from public authorities to commercial map providers for the exchange of safety related road content including incremental updates. 

ROSATTE partners (road authorities motorway operators and map makers) have developed an enabling infrastructure and supporting tools that enable the European access to road safety attributes. Focus was on:

  • facilitating data exchange through standardised procedures;
  • facilitating smooth and efficient data integration at map providers;
  • assessing technical and organisational feasibility;
  • facilitating administrative internal functions as well as supply of data to third parties e.g. for safety relevant services.


The workshop
The aim of the ROSATTE final event workshop hosted in one of its test sites is to gather all European players interested in road safety attributes exchange to share ROSATTE results after the testing and validation phase as well as discuss future deployment.


General objectives of the workshop include:

  • Present ROSATTE from its background and motivation to the test and validation phase through the definition of methods and tools for attributes access and maintenance data exchange and data integration into digital database
  • Present the project’s technical results showing live demos on how the exchange is being performed in the ROSATTE implementation trials
  • Present and discuss organisational aspects benefits and future deployment issues

We therefore invite you to join our workshop on 23-24 November 2010 in Malmö Sweden. The expected outcome of the workshop is to share with the audience the next steps for the future deployment of road safety attributes exchange in Europe.

The workshop is open and free of charge – and will be of particular interest for public authorities vehicle manufacturers and suppliers map providers – and other stakeholders interested in these topics.

Please note that you will have to register by Friday 12/11/2010 at the latest. Registrations which will be received after that date will not be taken into account.

Contact Giulia Pontani to register



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Original Publication Date: Thu 21 Oct 2010