A new large-scale research centre founded by Innovation Fund Denmark will be initiated on Aalborg University in 2015. It is called: Center for Data-Intensive Cyber-Physical Systems (DiCyPS).

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) refer to the close connection and coordination between calculating and physical resources. CPS are big distributed systems (often embedded in network) where a large number of calculation units work in physical environments. CPS requires software for surveillance, analyses, and managements of the single sub systems and their complex coordination. Big data are generated from each sub systems with the purpose to integrate and analyse. Examples of these are integrated car systems, interacting medical equipment, energy management in buildings, and solar cells in smart grid. Hence, CPS are complex and data-intensive and works in close connection with end users the future smart society. DiCPS will boost the development and building of the IT infrastructure for data-intensive cyber-physical systems and their interaction with the end users. Generalization and usability of results will be demonstrated in close cross-disciplinary cooperation with researchers and enterprises from the transport and energy domain. The centre combines five international leading research groups (including the two most cited Danish computer science researchers) and a unique international consortium of enterprises, researchers and public authorities to build the basis for the IT infrastructures in the future smart society.

The centre will run for six years and has a total budget of € 10 millions, of which well over € 1 million are earmarked to Intelligent Transport System.

More information is available at http://www.aau.dk/nyheder/alle-nyheder/vis/nyt-forskningscenter-skal-udvikle-it-til-smartere-samfund.cid153291 (in Danish)