Pisa and Deutsche Telekom launch 6-month smart city pilot project to optimize city parking

The city of Pisa has joined forces with Deutsche Telekom and its partner firm Kiunsys to install the new smart city service on Piazza Carrara, located directly on the banks of the river Arno. Sensors on the floor of each parking spot detect whether they are free or occupied.. The system will help motorists in Pisa to find a free parking space easier and quicker than before, as well as pay for it via their smart phone.

The system will install an intelligent parking guidance system to avoid traffic jams and reduce CO2 emissions as well as analyzing the ‘legacy’ traffic big data.

Original link: http://telematicswire.net/pisa-and-deutsche-telekom-launch-6-month-smart-city-pilot-project-to-optimize-city-parking/