A university hospital in Tuscany is providing electric bicycles to help staff, students and visitors move about its grounds and facilities sustainably and with ease.

Sixty electric bicycles will be provided free of charge for users to move around the citadel of Cisanello hospital in Pisa, which is made up of 21 separate buildings.

Cisanello is one of two hospitals that make up the University Hospital of Pisa, which is one of the largest in Italy. It employs nearly 5 000 workers and every day a total of 12 000 people pass through the hospital.

The electric bicycles have a range of 100km on a single charge and can travel up to 25 km per hour. Users will be required to leave their identity cards as security for the bicycles.
Smart Hospital Pisa is a collaboration between Askoll, an Italian manufacturer and distributor of electric vehicles, and the University Hospital of Pisa.