downloadThe Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) have launched Beeline, a mobile app that allows commuters to pre-book rides on express private bus routes. LTA and IDA have partnered private bus companies such as Bus-Plus to operate the initial set of buses routes listed on the app.

Beeline is an experiment to explore how transport networks can be made more adaptive to changing commuter demand. The experimental private bus routes are computer-generated by analysing historical travel patterns and crowd-sourced suggestions on the Beeline website.

Since going live in April 2015, Beeline’s website has crowdsourced about 3,400 suggested routes. This helps bus operators identify routes with viable commuter demand for faster and more direct bus rides, and offer bus services along these routes. The Beeline app completes the cycle by allowing commuters to book seats on these services. In addition to providing more direct journeys for its commuters, Beeline experiments with the possibility that bus routes and timings can be adapted in response to commuter feedback and demand over time.

The first experimental bus routes had started running on 3 August, with four routes during the morning peak period. At least ten more routes are expected in the coming months.

Furthermore, the IDA invites bus operators, data scientists and developers to share their views on this new concept and engage in a “journey to improve commuter experience with data and technology”.

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