Connected and automated vehicles evolve rapidly and present new challenges and requirements for Connected, Cooperative & Automated Mobility (CCAM) services and technologies, as well as Physical and Digital Infrastructures (PDI). Through its roadmap for CCAM, ERTICO is working towards its vision of connected automated mobility for people and goods that support decarbonisation. To this end, ERTICO is participating in the PoDIUM project, coordinated by ICCS, which will contribute to the roadmap through the identification of infrastructure and connectivity needs for High-Level Architecture (HLA) and common definitions for infrastructure adaptation and digital twins.

For the 36 months of the project, PoDIUM, which launched in October last year, will work on different CCAM use cases that will be demonstrated in real-life conditions in the three Living Labs of the project in Germany, Italy, and Spain, in different kinds of environments including urban, highway, and cross-border settings. The project will identify the connectivity and cooperation enablers and needs to achieve higher levels of automation and advance key technologies in the sector. This will result in the creation of a flexible reference architecture.

Identifying the connectivity enablers for CCAM is perhaps the most crucial asset in building trust and safety in road automation. Before we can guarantee safety in higher levels of automation, we still have to address several issues linked to connectivity, data management, and interoperability of systems. With PoDIUM we aspire to advance technologies both in physical and digital infrastructures (PDI) and deliver a reference architecture, flexible and applicable in different road environments, facilitating the seamless and efficient exchange of data,” says Dr. Angelos Amditis, PoDIUM Project Coordinator and ERTICO Chairman.

You can now join the PoDIUM online community on social media. The social media channels of the project have been launched recently, so make sure to follow PoDIUM on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with the project’s next steps and achievements. Stay tuned for the PoDIUM website which will be launched in the coming weeks.