A public consultation on the building of cycling routes is set to take place this month in Radom following the municipality’s presentation of the new bicycle network plans. The Municipal Roads and Transport Board plans to double the current amount of bicycle infrastructure in the city and create an 85 km cycling network.
Work is expected to begin next year. Prior to the public consultation residents are being encouraged to contribute to a survey prepared by a local cycling advocacy group in Radom, the Cycle Brotherhood. The Brotherhood says that the survey will help assess the current state of cycling infrastructure in the city.
‘The survey takes only a few minutes and will help in the development of cycling in our city,’ says the Cycle Brotherhood’s Sebastian Pawlowski. ‘The results will allow us to identify the most necessary changes and investments to improve cycling.’ A number of cyclists have already voiced their concerns on the new proposals. Solutions are expected to be outlined as part of the official public consultation. 
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