On 10 May, ERTICO will host a workshop to provide a platform for mobility and logistics stakeholders to share their needs and requirements in the field of ITS. The end goal of the workshop is to support the development of the common European mobility data space and to ensure that such stakeholder concerns are taken into account right from the start.

The upcoming common European mobility data space (EMDS) aims to make transport safer, more efficient, sustainable and resilient by ensuring the interoperability, security, provision and access of data and services.


ERTICO is actively involved in the creation of the common EMDS, contributing in a significant way to its first phase: the PrepDSpace4Mobility Coordination Support Action (CSA). This preparatory action aims to establish the basis for collecting and sharing mobility data across Europe in a secure and controlled way.

ERTICO’s role in the PrepDSpace4Mobility CSA is twofold: First, it involves identifying the needs of the different stakeholder communities – specifically: the CCAM, the Sustainable and Clean Mobility, the Logistics-related, and the Urban Mobility communities. Second, ERTICO is responsible for surveying the requirements regarding data space building blocks and governance frameworks from across the ecosystem.

“We are in a unique place to carry out these tasks”, says the CSA’s ERTICO lead, Dr Nikolaos Tsampieris. “By activating our network of public and private stakeholders in the ITS domain, including data providers and users, as well as standardisation bodies, we can get a good overview of the various needs. We are also leading or actively involved in a number of data-related ITS platforms with robust governance frameworks such as: TN ITS, TM 2.0, EAVP, DFRS, ADASIS, SENSORIS, TISA, and The Maas Alliance.”


The workshop on 10 May, Wednesday, will take place online from 9:30 to 15:00 CEST. It will bring together stakeholders from across the mobility and logistics sectors to discuss their ITS-related needs and requirements. The focus of the workshop will be on exploring the different building blocks required for data collection and data sharing in the mobility and logistics domains. Furthermore, participants will explore different technologies and standards, the challenges and opportunities associated with each of them as well as the governance frameworks (including policies and regulations) for fair and transparent data sharing and management in the context of the emerging common EMDS.

The full agenda of the workshop is available here.

If you wish to attend the webinar, please register here.