26 March 2015
16:00- 17:00 Brussels time (CET)

Speaker: Mr. Bastiaan Krosse (TNO) and Mr. Jacco van de Sluis (TNO)
Moderator: Dr. Maxime Flament (ERTICO-ITS Europe)

The general objective of this Webinar is to present a quick overview of the on-going and planned activities in the field of communication (V2X) in the European project i-GAME. 

The main aim in this part of i-GAME is to develop interaction protocols and message sets in the context of cooperative automation. Next to the development activities in i-GAME, an international challenge will be organized in 2016 (GCDC: Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge). Teams from all over Europe, and also from other continents, will be invited to participate.
In i-GAME, the developed interaction protocols and message sets will be delivered to the participating teams and will be part of the challenge by means of two scenarios, one highway and one urban scenario.

In this Webinar the project will be shortly introduced as well as the challenge (including scenarios) and of course a basic introduction to the interaction protocols and message sets.

A Q&A session moderated by Maxime Flament will conclude the webinar.


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Original author: Davide Brizzolara