One key feature of TPEG technology is the concept of being “agnostic to bearers” and thus TPEG based services may operate via almost any simple digital data channel. Two newly released TISA Specifications can be seen as additional milestones in that respect.

The “TPEG Service Framework” Specification describes the basic capabilities of the TPEG Generation 2 (TPEG2) series of new TISA Specifications for providing a multiplex of TPEG services and applications.

The “TPEG Adaptation Layer Profiles Part 1: Transmission via Digital Audio Broadcast – Packet Mode with Data Groups” Specification provides a set of requirements to transmit TPEG Transport frames by Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB).

The TPEG Applications Work Group have reached the end of the review cycle within the TISA community and are thus close to final submission for standardization.

All TISA Specifications are the outcome of member’s ideas. Any TISA Member is indeed welcome to submit a new idea through a Use-Case Proposal. The Use-Case procedure has been improved in order to ensure that new ideas are easier to submit more visible to the membership and can be progressed even more efficiently than in the past.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010