The CVIS Project has been very active of late with a number of achievements and imminent events. Read on to find out the latest developments in CVIS!


CVIS 2.0 Antenna and Touch Screen
CVIS2.0 ready for launch 2010

The next hardware version of the existing CVIS1.0 platform is currently being developed. Click here to find out more about the exciting next stage in the CVIS platform

CVIS pan-European deployment increases

CVIS has added a seventh test site to its existing six (France Germany Italy Netherlands-Belgium Sweden and the UK). Test Site Norway has a number of unique strengths and characteristics – click here to find out what they are!

CVIS promoted in Japan

The CVIS project results garner international attention! Click here to find out about the Japanese connection…

The CVIS General Assembly

The 2009 CVIS General Assembly will be held at the Telecom Italia premises in Turin on 15 December. It will be the final occasion to bring together the CVIS consortium to review the results of four years of research and development! To find out more click here

Cooperative Mobility Conference 2010

The Cooperative Mobility Conference 2010 will showcase the final results from three European integrated projects CVIS SAFESPOT and COOPERS. See feel and experience the benefits of Cooperative Mobility live 23-26 March 2010 Amsterdam The Netherlands.

New CVIS compliant product emerges from Stockholm!

LodgON hot from winning the silver prize at the CVIS Innovation Contest officially launches its “DaliReporter” product. DaliReporter is based on its Vehicle Social Networking (VSN) application winner of the silver prize a community service where the vehicle interacts with the local environment and the public internet for exchanging personal and location relevant information within a community of peers. Click here to find out more!



Read all about how the SPITS consortium will meet the challenge of the Dutch 2020 mobility targets



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Original Publication Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010