The ERTICO Public Authorities Platform consists of Public Authorities at a local regional or national level who want to promote ITS in Europe together with other ITS stakeholders. It meets twice a year to identify and support activities requiring public authority involvement as well as to exchange information on national ITS developments. 


The Public Authorities Platform last met on 30 September 2010 at the ERTICO offices in Brussels.

The meeting chaired by Hermann Meyer was attended by thirteen representatives from our Public Authorities Partners. We were also pleased to be able to welcome Magda Kopczynska from DG MOVE and Juhani Jaakelainen from DG INFSO Norbert Handke ITS Network Germany Christine Lotz from BASt Bev Marks from TISA and Wil Botman FIA.


Mr Jaaskelainen gave a presentation on DG INFSO activities in ICT for transport and introduced the Digital Agenda for Europe.  He outlined the challenges for the EU transport sector and how these challenges could be addressed using ICT. 


Ms Kopczynska presented the European Policy Agenda focusing on the ITS Action Plan and the ITS Directive their priority areas and priority actions. She explained that the specifications will be developed in cooperation with the Member States who will present their first ITS monitoring reports by August 2011 which will provide an understanding for where Member States currently stand.


Christine Lotz then introduced TISA and its work in supporting the ITS Directive through TISA members who have the expertise to help define the necessary specifications relating to travel and traffic information services.  TISA’s workplan also includes definition of categories to describe the minimum set of services free of charge to end users analysis of the value chain for each category and development of implementation approaches and sustainable models of cooperation.  Mr Marks followed with a presentation on digital broadcasting for traffic and travel information to the end user explaining current delivery methods and the viewpoint from the broadcasters and transmission operators with respect to the future.


Other contributions included presentations on the current situation of ITS activities in Member States including Austria Norway and Germany.  It was agreed that it would be useful to have similar information from other Public Authority members which could then be analysed and shared.  In addition an update was given on the Cooperative Mobility Alliance and the current priorities in cooperative mobility services were discussed.  Finally Mr Botman gave a presentation on the European Large Scale bridging Action in transport (ELSAs) and the proposal to focus on deployment.


Data Warehouse/Marketplace Workshop


The Workshop was held during the afternoon of 30 September following the Public Authorities Meeting.  In addition to attendees from the morning Guido Müller DG MOVE Marja van Strien and Gerben Hoogeboom from the National Data Warehouse in the Netherlands joined the meeting.


Mr Müller started off the workshop by giving an update on work being undertaken by the European Commission on traffic and travel information services a key element of the ITS Directive.  Regarding traffic and travel information and the ITS Action Plan Mr Müller outlined some of the different actions including procedures for the provision of EU-wide real-time travel information free minimum traffic information services and accurate public data for digital maps.  In terms of the ITS Directive three of the six priority areas cover travel and information services and will have specifications developed for these areas.


Reports where then given on the current status of data warehouses/marketplaces/data management in different Member States including the Netherlands Finland Germany Austria Norway and Spain.  The exchange of information highlighted the fact that the situation across Europe is very diverse as the approaches from the Member States are very different.  It was agreed that it would be useful to publish a paper on this issue to summarise current views and investigate possible actions to achieve efficient EU-wide data access and exchange.


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Original Publication Date:Thu 02 Dec 2010