ERTICO partner RACC (Reial Automòbil Club de Catalunya) has launched a free application for real-time and predictive traffic and travel information available for iPhone and Android devices.

RACC has been an active traffic data collector for more than 20 years in Spain; RACC creates its traffic flow service from fusion of different data sources (mainly public loop sensors and floating car data among others) as well as displaying information from more than 1000 traffic cameras fuel prices from more than 8000 fuel stations and more than 1000 speed cameras across Spain. Incident and journalistic data (as reported by users of the app) is also available.

The traffic flow service displays real-time congestion levels of service for more than 18 EU countries and predictive traffic up to 12 hours in the primary Spanish road network. Information is displayed on a very easy to use and intuitive Google Maps-based user interface and a lot of stress has been laid on making the app very efficient in terms of performance developing algorithms for the efficient management of huge amounts of information.

For more information please visit RACC website.


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Original Publication Date: Thu 10 Nov 2011