On the occasion of the 18th ITS World Congress ACS – Xerox an ERTICO Partner has created an interactive tool where registered users can access highlights from ACS leaders interviews and transport solutions presented at the Congress.

On the virtual event you can download different multi-media resources view interviews and interact by asking questions and chatting as well as register to other live events.

Among the interviewees Ken Philmus Senior Vice-President ACS Transportation Solution Group and Scott Belcher Chef Executive Officer of ITS America introduce the virtual ITS World Congress 2011 and share impressions and thoughts on the Congress.

Also Cees de Wijs Senior Vice-President of International Operations ACS Transportation Solutions Group talks to Hermann Meyer ERTICO – ITS Europe Chief Executive Officer about ERTICO and its activities as well as the Intelligent Transport System market in Europe ITS developments and future challenges.

To watch these and more interviews register to Virtual ITS World Congress 2011.

For more information visit ACS A Xerox Company ITS World Congress microsite.

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Original Publication Date: Wed 09 Nov 2011