Each year there is an average of 150 road accidents caused by drivers driving the wrong way. To solve this problem, Bosch and the Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia (RACC) have collaborated to launch an app called RACC Infotransit that allows users to be warned in advance of drivers driving in the opposite direction.

The project aims at reducing accidents on motorways caused by drivers moving in the wrong direction due to entering the road on the wrong slipway. This could be caused by a range of factors including impaired driving, distraction or cognitive misjudgment. It is more prevalent in senior drivers.

A decrease in such accidents can be achieved through automatic detection of the potential risk of crashing into a car that is coming from the opposite direction. With this technology, drivers that are at risk of colliding with a car in this situation will immediately receive a real-time voice alert to prevent an accident. Once the application is installed on the driver’s smartphone, it can detect a threat in less than ten seconds. The software is up and running in RACC’s traffic information App and has already been downloaded by 325,000 users. This level of download is confirmation of drivers’ interest in taking the right action to prevent this type of incident.

The goal of the collaboration is to reduce the number of incidents caused by wrong-way drivers by 25%.

Source: BOSCH