More than 50 participants attended the webinar “MOBiNET: instrument to boost innovation and sustainability with public authorities and cities” held on 21 September 2015.
Moderator and Rasmus Lindholm; ERTICO – ITS Europe, gave an introduction to the project and stressed how MOBiNET aims to create an e-marketplace linking content providers, service providers and end users.
Public authorities currently have difficulties in engaging with potential developers and service providers who could use the transport data made available by the public authorities.
To solve this issue MOBiNET provides an e-marketplace where public authorities can publish their data. Content and service providers can also make their information available or publish their services in the e-marketplace. MOBiNET provides a link with the end users who can search for different services in the service directory. Finally, MOBiNET provides a set of components which developers can use when developing new services.

In terms of making sure that the technical developments of this cloud-based e-market place are working in line with the needs of service providers, MOBiNET has put together a list of newly developed or existing use cases.
Two specific examples of use cases were presented in the webinar: the Non-Stop Truck service (NST) by Wen Xu from Volvo, and the Green Light Optimal Speed Advice (GLOSA) by Robbin Blokpoel from IMTECH Traffic & Infra.
The NST Service allows trucks to automatically declare their status data or goods information to the public authorities in order for a clearance at the vehicle weight controls. Mr. Xu explained that MOBiNET greatly extends the reachability and availability of the NST service since the MOBiNET platform allows any European public authority to publish a service to any user within Europe. This implies that any truck owner in Europe is able to use the NST service and can share their data with any European public authority.
Robbin Blokpoel demonstrated the principle of GLOSA, the Green Light Optimal Speed Advice. The GLOSA service advises the driver on the optimal driving speed to pass a traffic junction without stopping based on information acquired from the traffic light controller. Mr. Blokpoel explained how the MOBiNET platform addresses interoperability challenges (consistent data format etc.) with the result that traffic services can run European wide. The GLOSA app is a good example of usage of MOBINET because it can really exploit the flexible scaling up with the MOBINET platform. Moreover, the platform enables separation of the different roles (data provider, service provider and app developer) that exist in delivering the app to the end user.
MOBiNET is hosting a whole range of different activities at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux from 5 to 9 October 2015. Julie Castermans from ERTICO – ITS Europe presented the ITS Hackathon that will take place during the Bordeaux World Congress from the Tuesday morning until Thursday mid-day. The ITS Hackathon will cover two themes: Intelligent Mobility and Road Safety. The Hackathon is co-organised by MOBiNET and Michelin Challenge Bibendum, and invites academics, start-ups, app developers and service providers to come up with new ideas and apps for mobility and safety services.
The webinar concluded with a short Q & A session during which one of the participants, referring to the GLOSA case, asked a question on the results of CO2 emission reductions after the introduction of GLOSA. The report with the results is available in the supporting documents below.

You can watch the whole event here .
You can see all the presentations in the order of the agenda below including report mentioned in the webinar:

Introduction – Rasmus Lindholm, ERTICO – ITS EUROPE
Non-Stop Truck (NST) Use Case – Wen Xu, Volvo
GLOSA Use Case – Robbin Blokspoel, Imtech
MOBiNET Activities in Bordeaux – Julie Castermans, ERTICO – ITS EUROPE

Supporting documents:

Webinar Agenda
Paper – Influencing driving behaviour via in-car speed advice in a field operational test