Renault’s smart mobility business takes off with its new Mobilize brand, which, along with the EZ-1 Prototype electric car, was recently announced. This division will offer car-sharing, energy and data-related services to help make transportation more sustainable.

Mobilize is pushing to shift drivers from vehicle ownership to vehicle usage by offering adaptable mobility services for individuals, companies and even municipalities. Subscription-based car-sharing, ride-hailing, and last-mile delivery should all be part of its overarching strategy. In keeping with all this, it has three major goals. Mobilize is aiming to reduce the gap between vehicle usage and cost since most cars are parked 90% of the time or more. It wants to improve the residual value of vehicles, to prevent it from being cut in half after just three years of ownership. And finally, Mobilize is promoting a greener future, shooting to contribute to a zero CO2 footprint.

On the product side of the equation, Mobilize will offer purpose-built vehicles for a variety of uses. Even though it will have dedicated engineering and design teams, it will still rely on Renault’s 120-plus years of experience manufacturing cars, as well as its extensive electric-vehicle expertise.

The Mobilize EZ-1 Prototype is a new urban mobility solution, one that’s designed to be shared. With a pod-like body and lots of chamfered edges, it looks like nothing else on the road today. And at just 2.3 meters in length, less than 91 inches, it has very city-friendly dimensions. Three of these little buggers can fit in the space occupied by your typical car. Thanks to its small size, the EZ-1 Prototype should be super-manoeuvrable, even in the worst congestion. Letting the sunshine in for its two passengers, this machine’s duet of doors feature top-to-bottom glass. But one feature that sets this vehicle apart from other electric cars is its battery-exchange system, which allows continuous use. Apparently, you won’t have to find a charger and wait for the EZ-1 Prototype to slowly absorb electrons.

Underscoring its eco-friendly design, the EZ-1 Prototype is made of 50% recycled materials. And once it reaches the end of its life, 95% of it can be recycled. Mobilize can even reuse the batteries once their automotive life expectancy is over, employing them as stationary energy-storage devices.