Ambulances arriving at an accident location earlier may very well save lives. The same applies to fire trucks and police cars that need to arrive at emergency locations as quickly as possible. That is why the Government of Yucatan in Mexico has chosen to implement innovative C-ITS technology of Peek Traffic and Vixionere by Dynniq in Merida City.

Peek Traffic and Vixionere have signed a partnership agreement to jointly deliver this state-of-the-art technology not only in Merida but also in other cities in Mexico and Latin America. The Partnership will significantly decrease travel time for the 1,100 emergency vehicles that are in operation in Merida.

Peek Traffic (by Dynniq) provides advanced cooperative technology based on communication between road users and intelligent infrastructure to ensure that traffic flows are safe, sustainable and efficient. The real-time GPS data of emergency vehicles are continuously processed in the Dynniq FlowSense Cloud to request priority at the nearby intersection. Emergency vehicles are detected at traffic lights through the Dynniq GreenFlow application to inform intersection control programs. Based on this information the traffic flow can be optimized and time to green can be dynamically adjusted depending on the needs of the emergency vehicle. Priority requests at traffic light controllers are processed by the control algorithm and absolute priority for the emergency vehicle is provided in time.

This smart innovation will help to reduce traffic accidents involving emergency vehicles and allow them to reach their destination faster and more safely. This technology is currently being installed in the city of Merida and will be fully up and running in March 2021.