For its launch on smartphones Renault Trucks is releasing the first HGV-specific GPS available on iPhone along with a location device for its global network. For Renault Trucks these applications only make sense if they help our customers and drivers and at the same time make their task easier in the job they do for society. It is for this reason that the manufacturer is the first to offer a special HGV GPS app for iPhone. Once the vehicle configuration has been entered into the system the driver has a suggested itinerary offering the safest routes and those he is authorised to take. This is a revolution in the HGV world. The application is supplemented by  a location device to contact the nearest Renault Trucks network outlet and will be supplemented by other applications which are currently being developed.

It’s happened before: the driver gets lost in an industrial park with his vehicle. This situation can be a real nightmare: additional kilometres driven and therefore extra litres of diesel consumed for no reason. Plus the delicate situation of skilfully manoeuvring to get out of a narrow road not suited to the vehicle’s dimensions. With the first special HGV GPS app for iPhone Renault Trucks is offering an exclusive and revolutionary service to road merchandise transport.

And whilst conventional GPSs for normal cars are useful they quickly run up against obstacles when used for commercial vehicles: roads that are too narrow bridges with limited headroom places they can’t turn round… until now there was nothing available to truck drivers. So with ALK Renault Trucks has developed a special HGV GPS on the basis of NavTeq data which is the reference in this sector. This takes into account road merchandise transport constraints with specific functions and a particularly tastefully designed “public user” graphic interface.

The driver or fleet manager can enter the truck’s technical characteristics into the software (length width height total weight weight per axle) load type (hazardous materials or not) and road preferences (with or without toll maximum speed authorised according to roads etc.). All this data is loaded into the GPS which proposes the safest and quickest route taking all those characteristics into account throughout the European road network.

This means it will avoid low bridges narrow roads or roads the vehicle or the merchandise transported is not authorised and will visually indicate them throughout the itinerary. So as to help the driver at the wheel the application also allows him to locate particularly dangerous roads hilly areas as well as areas where there is a risk of side winds. This means safety and fuel-saving benefits. As an option the driver can also have access to traffic conditions and modify his route accordingly. Finally throughout the itinerary the driver can visualise all areas which are useful to his job such as service stations or Renault Trucks service centres. The Renault Trucks HGV GPS is currently available under App Store and very soon on Android. It is available throughout Europe in 16 languages (French English German Spanish Portuguese Italian Czech Polish Dutch Danish Swedish Norwegian Finnish Russian Greek and Turkish) and costs 149.99 Euros.

In parallel Renault Trucks offers a free “Renault Trucks Network” application with which drivers can find the nearest Renault Trucks network outlet wherever they are in the world as well as the services on offer (sales maintenance repair Fast&Pro 24/24 etc.). Once located the driver can contact the dealership by telephone with a simple click or visit the website and then display the quickest route to get there. The application is available in French and English and details more than 1500 Renault Trucks service outlets in the 100 countries where the manufacturer is present.

These new applications developed by Renault Trucks already available for iPhone and very soon on Android open up new possibilities to customers fleet managers and truck drivers.

By providing them with useful tools to help them in their day-to-day mission Renault Trucks is making these new technologies available to drivers and fleet managers as real practical support. In particular the new technologies will limit reduce risks and traffic jams. They will thereby contribute to making road transport better safer and more respectful of the environment. In the end it is society as a whole that will benefit. Other applications are currently being developed and will be published during the year. Here again they will improve the lives of transport professionals by making their day-to-day work easier.


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Original Publication Date: Wed 09 Mar 2011