The fast-growing market in Intelligent Mobility will open up new challenges – and new opportunities – for transport modellers, according to a new report published by the Transport Systems Catapult on Friday.

The “Modelling for Intelligent Mobility” report was commissioned to specifically examine the new opportunities arising within the modelling sector as a result of the shift from “traditional” transport thinking towards “Intelligent Mobility” – defined as the use of emerging technologies to enable the smarter, greener and more efficient movement of people and goods around the world.

The report highlights the need to ensure that UK technology industries and the client bases they serve are well-supported by modelling tools that allow a full range of ‘what if..?’ questions to be explored. These tools must represent the importance of user, operator and regulator responses to increased availability of data and information and in many cases must go beyond traditional approaches if they are to provide accurate and trusted support for decision-making.

This challenge of ‘Modelling for Intelligent Mobility’ has been identified as a key area where the Transport Systems Catapult can assist in accelerating the development and adoption of appropriate tools and methods for the benefit of UK industry.

The paper, which can be downloaded in full here has involved consultation with expert reviewers from across industry and academia – with the intent of setting out some of the main opportunities in the field, outlining some of the technical challenges that are anticipated, and providing an overview of the initial activities already underway.The report is also intended to encourage wider engagement on the subject and to identify and develop opportunities for joint collaboration. With that in mind, the Transport Systems Catapult is keen to receive emailed feedback via

Original source: Transport Systems Catapult