The CityMobil2 project is demonstrating fully automated transport systems in different European cities. CityMobil2 is conducting a socio-economic study to assess the impact of the large-scale diffusion of automated road vehicles, which is directed at experts in the transportation sector. The survey is based on two extreme scenarios of how road vehicle automation technology could be rolled out in the society, based on four different urban scenarios. 

The results of the survey will be discussed with experts from North America, Asia and Europe during a workshop on the Socio-economic impact of road transport automation, in La Rochelle, France, on 30-31 March 2015. The conclusions of the survey and the outcomes of the workshop will be published in the CityMobil2 website

Please click here to participate in the survey. The deadline to submit your responses is 20 March. Your contribution will be very apreciated.