Goods transport by road consumes around 50% of all diesel fuel and accounts for 80% of the global net increase in diesel use since 2000. Projections see road freight activity at least doubling to 2050, offsetting efficiency gains and increasing road freight CO2 emissions.

Our expert in Clean Mobility, Andrew Winder, has contributed to this report that looked at real, simulated and modelled results for heavy commercial vehicles (trucks and buses) from ITS applications that can potentially reduce emissions from vehicles. This contribution can be found in chapter “Potential of intelligent transport systems to reduce emissions “.

The report  highlights policy areas that need adjustment for effective decarbonisation of road freight and points to fields where  more robust evidence through further research is needed. It collects insights held at a workshop organised by the International Transport Forum in June 2018 in Paris and features the results of a survey among  experts.

Click here to read the report.

Source: International Transport Forum