One of the newest ERTICO projects PLOTO has signed a partnership agreement with ETP-ALICE to further promote the project’s objective to advance the development of intelligent and sustainable logistics solutions for inland waterways against climate change.  PLOTO now joins a select group that includes FENIX Network, 5G-LOGINNOV (both coordinated by ERTICO) and SHOW, where ERTICO has an active role.

ETP-ALICE is a key platform assisting and advising the European Commission in implementing research programmes aimed at transitioning to a reality with zero emissions in transport and logistic operations. The Alliance brings together stakeholders from across the logistics sector, including industry, academia, and policymakers, to collaborate on research and innovation projects. The partnership with ETP-ALICE provides the PLOTO project with access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the sector. In particular, this collaboration will help PLOTO in developing innovative logistics solutions that are both sustainable and intelligent while discussing the implementation of cutting-edge solutions with other EU-funded and topic-aligned initiatives such as CRISTAL and ReNEW projects.

Moreover, PLOTO will be joining forces with three other ERTICO projects that have already been reaping the benefits of this partnership. These include the recently concluded FENIX Network project, which is dedicated to designing a shared framework for data exchange amongst logistics stakeholders; 5G-LOGINNOV, which aims to showcase the potential of 5G connectivity in optimizing logistics operations within ports; and SHOW, which is committed to facilitating the transition towards more sustainable, automated, electrified, and inclusive fleet operations in urban and peri-urban areas. All of these initiatives have benefitted from their association with ETP-ALICE, which has provided them with access to crucial logistics industry stakeholders and enabled them to collaborate on research and innovation endeavours.

With ETP-ALICE’s significant contribution to the European Commission’s research programs, PLOTO is well-positioned to leverage this partnership to realise its objectives. PLOTO can expect to accelerate the development of innovative logistics solutions that address the most pressing challenges facing the inland waterway sector, from reducing carbon emissions and enhancing supply chain resilience to improving last-mile delivery and enhancing customer experience. Overall, this partnership is poised to drive meaningful progress and innovation in the logistics sector, with the potential to benefit businesses, consumers, and the environment alike.