This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel DEVICES in tourism and hospitality for October 2014.

Thursday 09 October 2014:

RouteRank nabs a patent for multi-modal technology

In collaboration with the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV), Switzerland-based multi-modal startup routeRANK developed commuteRANK, whcih allows the company’s point-to-point routing engine to analyze large numbers of commuter trips in an automated manner, by considering all means of transport such as rail, public transport, P+Rail and P+Ride, car pooling, private car, walking and biking and their many combinations.The company says, “Based on user selected parameters, this is then used for the objective attribution of limited parking spaces, for the identification of which commuter trips would actually benefit from a financial contribution to an e-bike or a public transport pass or for the simulation and analysis of strategic decisions.”

1 October 2014: adds the booking of vacation packages to its app

The online travel site focusing on resort destinations update its Apple iOS Hotels, Flights & Vacations app. Besides enabling users to book hotels and flights, the app is the only one available that allows users to book vacation packages right from their smartphone or tablet.

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