The second Polish ECOeffect Demo Tour has got underway at the Warsaw Convention Centre with the emphasis on people as much as technology.

The Dutch Director of HSF Logistics Gerard Reijers got things underway in fluent Polish by welcoming the delegates and explaining the benefits offered by the comprehensive ECOeffect training programme before IRU head of training Patrick Philipp highlighted ECOeffect’s goals and objectives reiterating the programme’s ethos of save time save fuel save money and gave details of how companies participating in the training programmes are also the beneficiaries of happier and more satisfied drivers.

GoGreen’s Joakim Gudmundsen gave his unique insight into the concept of ECOeffect and shed light on the differences between and benefits offered by the three-day Train The Trainer (TTT) programme and the one-day ECOeffect Driver Programme (EDP). Also crucial to the success of the training’s implementation is the necessity to provide refreshment training something that other Ecodriving courses are often unable to provide. One of the many unique selling points of ECOeffect in a nutshell.

Another key initiative is the often thorny-subject of driver monitoring. Many Ecodriving courses offer no post-course support for drivers or trainers but ECOeffect’s driver monitoring system provides fleet operators with timely and accurate reports of how drivers are performing. Far from being treated as a negative issue by drivers says Key Driving’s Kris Jooris drivers can use their results in a competitive way going to head to head with their colleagues to see which one has performed the best over the course of a week or month. 

The simple process for obtaining and using company results was outlined by KDC’s Lizzy Evens.

The driver monitoring issue engendered a lively debate which saw Reijers rejoin the fray and offer a frank description of the benefits of driver monitoring and quantitative and qualitative evaluation that have been experienced by HSF.

The overriding theme of all presentations was the human factor. 

Without the compliance of willing participants willing to purchase ECOeffect courses willing to implement the course suggestions and maintain and act upon the long-term results of the driver monitoring system ECOeffect would be just another Ecodriving course in an already crowded marketplace. However its comprehensive approach and innovative follow-up scheme sets it apart from its competitors.

For more information on the ECOeffect Training Programme visit ECOeffect website.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 07 Feb 2013