ITS United Kingdom Foundation Member TRL (formerly Transport Research Laboratory) is part of a team working on a project for the EC about the need for certification for EGNOS and Galileo in road applications, and to identify which types of certification, and at which level, are appropriate for which applications.

The team is seeking the views of a range of people across the ITS industry in Europe. They would very much appreciate it if you could contribute to the project by completing an on-line survey about certification for GNSS applications in road transport. The survey is designed so that organisations can respond to questions about applications they may have an interest in, rather than about GNSS in road transport as a whole. If you or any of your colleagues could spare the time to complete the survey, we would be most grateful.

The survey can be found by clicking on the link below: .

If you have any queries, please contact the project team at: .

Jennie Martin
Secretary General
ITS United Kingdom