On the occasion of the TISA Committees meetings in Seattle on the 19 and 20 March TISA member INRIX will host a half-day open information session on TMC and TPEG technology.

TMC (Traffic Message Channel) is a specific application of FM RDS used for broadcasting real-time traffic information whilst Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) specifications offer a method for transmitting multimodal traffic and travel information regardless of client type location or required delivery channel (e.g. DAB HD radio Internet DVB-x DMB GPRS Wi-Fi).

During the session TISA – the Traveller Information Services Association – will introduce these two technologies and the progresses achieved so far. The session will be followed by presentations on US service providers and what they currently offer to the market. Speakers include Robert Cahn (Group Manager Platform Development) and Dave Francis (Technical Director) from INRIX; Mark Saunders Senior Systems Specialist Engineer from NOKIA; Len Konecny Vice President of ClearChannel; and Girish Warrier Director Advanced Services for iBiquity.

This afternoon session is open to the public to register please click here. The Agenda is available here.


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Original Publication Date: Mon 11 Mar 2013