The seminar was held in conjunction with Prof. Hui CHEN’s visit to ERTICO. Prof. Chen is the director of Chassis Electronic Control Systems Lab, School of Automotive Studies, Tongji University , Shanghai. He is also the Secretary General of ITS Committee of Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE)-China. ERTICO team members, Dr. Yanying Li, Dr. Divide Brizzolara, Mr. Andras Csepinszky, Mr. Francois Fischer participated in the seminar. Prof. Chen introduced research activities of his team on Intelligent Vehicles technologies and autonomous driving. He also gave an overview of state-of-the-art of vehicle automation in China. Dr. Divide Brizzolara presented the VRA project, a support action project for vehicle and road automation. Discussions on needs for future cooperation at the seminar concluded that cooperation in vehicle automation between Europe and China can benefit development of the technologies and facilitate real applications of automated vehicles. Topics for cooperation identified include study on future needs for automated vehicles in Europe and China, demonstration of automated vehicles for aging society as well as standardisation on vehicle automation.



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Prof. Chen

Dr. Davide Brizzolara

Original author: Manuela Flachi