SENSORIS, started as an ERTICO Innovation Platform in 2016 initiated by HERE Technologies and the ERTICO partnership, has reached a significant milestone. As of 8 November 2023, it has transitioned into a non-profit association under Belgian law. This transformation represents a pivotal moment in SENSORIS’s journey, solidifying its dedication to advancing data exchange standards between in-vehicle sensors and dedicated clouds.

Under the guidance of Jean-Charles Pandazis, Senior Manager at ERTICO – ITS Europe, SENSORIS comprises 30 members from the global vehicle industry, map and data providers, sensor manufacturers, and telecom operators. This platform, rooted in membership and business-oriented innovation, prioritises tailoring its advancements to meet the current and future needs of its members.

The shift towards becoming a non-profit entity aims to establish formal liaisons with ISO TC 22 SC31, ISO TC 204, and CEN TC278 WG7. This strategic move sets the stage for SENSORIS to reach international standard status, with a focus on accelerating the widespread adoption of its standardised interface. Collaboration among key players is envisioned, streamlining the integration of SENSORIS specifications within the automotive sector. The founding members, including ERTICO-ITS Europe, HERE Technologies, NNG, and Huawei Technologies, hold key roles in shaping SENSORIS’s direction. Christelle L’hostis (HERE Technologies) will be the SENSORIS Chair, and with the confirmation of its non-profit status, members will collaborate to create a comprehensive roadmap outlining pivotal milestones and objectives for future developments.

“SENSORIS is the standard enabling the use of vehicle as probes, upstreaming data about traffic flow, weather condition as well as Safety Related Traffic data, to improve the quality and acceptance of mobility data services. Becoming an ISO / CEN standard will open the door for the use of SENSORIS by Public Authorities in combination with other standards like DATEX II, TPEG and TN-ITS for example,” remarked Mr Pandazis.

SENSORIS is establishing liaison with these down streaming data exchange standards to address Use Case combining these standards. This collective endeavour ensures a well-defined path for SENSORIS’s progression, ensuring the efficient deployment of its specifications. The attainment of non-profit status, coupled with collaborative efforts, positions SENSORIS to revolutionise the interaction between in-vehicle sensors and dedicated clouds, ultimately benefiting the entire automotive industry and mobility data services.