Sergio Marchionne the ACEA President FIAT S.p.A. CEO and Chrysler CEO and Chairman is calling on students and graduates in Europe to explore the Our Future Mobility Now initiative with a video invitation to the project’s ‘Innovation for Europe Skills for the Future’ roundtable. Our Future Mobility Now is managed by the European automobile industry a key driver of innovation and investment in Europe.

In his message Mr Marchionne highlighted how important an inquisitive international mindset is to future prospects: “Growing up I had the opportunity to move around a bit and have lived across two continents and several countries. Being international and mobile has helped me seize the opportunity to gain expertise and skills – but it also gave me a chance to see how things are done differently across the whole world.”

The roundtable will take place in Brussels on 10 October 2012 and will see the Presidents and CEOs of some of Europe’s largest automobile manufacturers – including Mr Marchionne – join European policymakers to exchange views with tomorrow’s generation of leaders; the students and graduates of today.

Marchionne is challenging Europe’s youth to enter a video question and to win a seat at the roundtable: “Tell us what you want to know ask us a question. Just use your camera or smartphone to record your message. You can ask us anything you like about future mobility skills and innovation. All you need is your imagination.”

Sergio Marchionne’s message can be found here.

Enter now the roundtable competition page.

Source: ACEA

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Original Publication Date: Wed 13 Jun 2012