PayiQ and Shareit are to develop a mobile application for Car and Ridesharing in Mobility as a Service framework which will be piloted in the city of Turku in Finland together with MaaS operator Tuup. PayiQ is the leading mobile payment solution enabler for MaaS operators now expanding into the core of the sharing economy in mobility, the sharing of private and corporate cars.

The mobile payment solution will offer, starting this autumn, a safer and more convenient way of ridesharing for travelers that have earlier been using social media to arrange a ride.

–       “Our latest expansion and cooperation with ShareIt is benefiting the strengths of both companies to serve the new customer groups of sharing cars with either private or rental cars.” says the CEO and Senior Partner of PayiQ Mr. Tuomo Parjanen.

Tuup brings in the public transport operators as well as businesses and business related carsharing. Having an already up and running system in Turku Finland gives an excellent starting point to scale up this type of service and copy best practices to other cities and municipalities.

All of the services offered by Shareit are covered with new insurance products from the insurance company If, specifically designed for the sharing purposes. This tailor-made insurance is the first of its kind in Scandinavia.

–       “By combining the best knowledge of insurance, payment, route planning and car and ridesharing in Finland Shareit wants to enable a better utilization of cars, offering an additional income for car owners as well as an easy accessible car for non-car owners.” says the CEO and founder of Shareit Mr. Paul Nyberg.

MaaS is a brilliant concept that will reform the way we think about car ownership and the means of travel. This said the Finnish expertise is at disposal for all players in the field. By cooperating and connecting the right partners mobility can be revolutionized for real.