Bytemark, a Siemens-owned company and leading platform for transit fare solutions and intermodal mobility, announced the appointment of Marcus Welz as its President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Welz succeeds Micah Bergdale, who co-founded the company in 2011.

Welz is a seasoned leader with a proven record of taking technology companies to the next level by accelerating innovation and revenue growth. In addition to this new position, Welz will continue in his role as President of Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems in North America, a division of Siemens Mobility. On top of his North American experience, Welz held global leadership positions at Siemens Mobility global headquarters in Munich. Having served as a member of Bytemark’s board of directors since 2017, Welz knows the organization well. Bytemark offers a comprehensive suite of products that digitize transit passes and fare media. Along with creating the ultimate end-user experience, Bytemark’s solutions provide transportation agencies with powerful fare validation solutions and cloud-based access to a back-office portal to manage and report on their operation.

As such, Bytemark is well-positioned to become a major player in the transformation of public transportation that is taking place today with its seamless booking, planning and payment services providing passengers with handsfree, account-based ticketing and door-to-door routing – all on one app. Bytemark, together with Siemens Mobility and HaCon, provide a unique and holistic ecosystem of digital services and solutions: from trip planning across passenger communication to mobile ticketing, payment and comprehensive Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions, from fleet management to train planning systems and mobility data analytics with multiple implementations in place.

This announcement comes on the back of another strong year in which the company significantly grew its customer base. “Micah was one of the first to see the possibilities of mobile payment and founded a thriving company with enormous potential,” said Thomas Wolf, a member of Bytemark’s board of directors and COO of HaCon, a Siemens Mobility company. “We thank him for paving the way and creating a great business for Marcus and the team to scale further.” “It has been gratifying to see the industry’s excitement around Bytemark and the technologies we have developed. I continue to believe in Bytemark’s possibilities and look forward to seeing these develop to the next level,” said Micah Bergdale. Welz added, “Each day millions of passengers rely on Bytemark to empower their mobility choices, payment services, ticket designs and security. The success of new mobility platforms is driven by digitalization in the planning, booking and payment process. Bytemark was quick to recognize this opportunity and delivers on the promise of integrated digital fare collection and Unrestricted Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. I’m excited to build on the company’s growth and look forward to further innovating and ultimately redefining mobility.”

Source: Siemens