As a leading mobility supplier, DENSO has signed a long-term agreement with Honeywell’s aerospace leader to establish an alliance focusing on electric propulsion units to meet new aerospace demands.

By developing and manufacturing electric propulsion systems for aircraft, the agreement will focus on the urban air mobility segment, including air taxis and delivery vehicles. It will allow companies to fulfil urban air mobility promise to provide cleaner, safer, more efficient, quieter and freer-moving transportation in and between cities and strengthen each company’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

“While we have committed to achieving a carbon-neutral society, we still need to reduce traffic and offer eco-friendly movement in population-dense areas. Working with Honeywell will help address both these issues and furthers our goal of creating mobility that is green and offers peace of mind,” said Jiro Ebihara, senior executive officer and head of the Electrification Systems Business Group at DENSO Corporation. “Mobility needs are changing, and this collaboration represents how DENSO is evolving to meet them.”

The interconnection between automotive and aerospace backgrounds has enabled advanced discussions, including plans to produce flight test configurations of the electric propulsion systems within the following year. DENSO’s ability to make quality components at mass scale paired, alongside Honeywell’s storied aerospace expertise, offers an alliance ready to take urban air mobility to new heights.

“Honeywell technologies have helped human power flight for more than 100 years, and as electric propulsion for aircraft takes shape, Honeywell will be at the forefront with partners like DENSO,” said Dave Marinick, president, Engines & Power Systems, Honeywell Aerospace. “DENSO’s leadership in automotive technology combined with our experience in Aerospace will help bring about a cleaner and smarter ways for people to move throughout the world.”

Honeywell is one of the world’s leading makers of electronics, engines and mechanical systems for aircraft. Its plans fly on virtually every airliner in the sky, along with thousands of business jets and light aircraft. DENSO, meanwhile, develops advanced technology and components for nearly every make and model of road vehicle in existence today.

The alliance with Honeywell enhances DENSO’s Second Founding, the company’s strategy to provide value beyond a vehicle-centric focus and produce the core technologies for future mobility. It also bolsters DENSO’s two great causes: “Green” – acting environmentally friendly – and “Peace of Mind” – creating a safer and more seamless world for all. These guide DENSO as it leverages its 30-plus years of electrification know-how to create cleaner, more efficient mobility and help the company reach its 2035 goal of being carbon neutral. Honeywell has also pledged to be carbon neutral in its facilities and operations by 2035.

The two companies will work together to seek customers who can help transform how the world moves, making transportation safer, more sustainable and efficient.

Source: DENSO