Siemens is delievering the road network of the city of Bydgoszcz, home to around 350,000 inhabitants, with more than 50 video cameras for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). The Sitraffic Sicore cameras will register more than half a million number plates every day. The video systems in Bydgoszcz will serve both the early detection of traffic delays and also to enhance safety in the road network. The order is worth the equivalent value of around 500,000 euros. Commissioning is planned for spring 2015.

Sitraffic Sicore can detect up to two lanes and can also register different directions at the same time. It has an operating range of around five to 35 meters. The integrated Siemens detection and reading technology achieves top detection rates at vehicle speeds up to 250 km/h. Special algorithms also make it possible to distinguish different vehicle classes and to monitor dangerous goods transports.

Siemens won the order to supply an integrated traffic control system with more than 400 APNR cameras for the cities of Poznań and Białystok as recently as spring 2013. The aim is to synchronize private vehicle traffic and public transportation in a cross-system traffic concept, and thereby to optimize the traffic situation for all travelers around the city. Commissioning is planned for spring 2015. Besides Białystok and Poznań, Siemens has also equipped Kracow and Warsaw with integrated traffic management.