27 June. Siemens supplies an inner-city traffic management system to Poland’s major city Bialystok. The aim is to optimize the growing volume of private vehicle traffic in the city center, and to increase the efficiency of its public transportation. The order is worth around six million euros (converted), and commissioning is planned for spring 2015. After Krakow, Poznan and Warsaw Bialystok is the forth city in Poland to receive an integrated traffic management system from Siemens.

With more than 300,000 inhabitants, Bialystok is the largest city in the north east of Poland, and one of the country’s most densely populated. Since Poland’s accession to the EU in 2004, the number of vehicles and hence the volume of both public and private traffic has risen sharply. Bialystok will install Siemens’ Sitraffic Concert traffic management system to improve its traffic flows.

Using Siemens control technology, the city’s administration hopes to manage the growing volume of traffic circulating around the city center, and to make public transportation more appealing. The project will see Siemens establish a traffic control center in the Skladowa district, which will bring together traffic information from more than 145 data points, including for example intersections, measurement outstations, red light enforcement solution or public transportation, thus enabling centralized traffic management. On the basis of this data, the system generates forecasts and optimizes traffic light control programs to give priority to public transportation. The control center also coordinates the remote maintenance of the individual system elements.

In future, the Siemens system will provide information not only about the current traffic situation, but also about upcoming departure times for public transportation: on the internet, on traffic signs, by SMS or by e-mail. Transport users will be able to obtain an overview of the general traffic situation around the city, and to adjust their routes accordingly.

Siemens won the order to supply an integrated traffic control system for Poznan back in spring 2013. The aim is to synchronize private vehicle traffic and public transportation in a cross-system traffic concept, and thereby to optimize the traffic situation for all travelers around the city. Commissioning of the complete system is scheduled for 2015.