The National Infrastructure Developing Private Company Limited has commissioned Siemens to equip the Hungarian line Százhalombatta – Pusztaszabolcs. Siemens will provide train control system type Trainguard 200, including installation of European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 and one Radio Block Center (RBC), as well as 2 electronic signal boxes type Trackguard Simis IS. This new order encompasses 6 railway crossings type Wayguard Simis LC, the entire electricity supply, assembly and telecommunications. The planned commissionning is expected by December 2020.

The 26 km long two-track line is an extension of the Kelenföld – Százhalombatta line. The Hungarian railway network is undergoing an important modernization and is part of a global project in order to upgrade and develop the Budapest Kelenföld – Croatian border railway line, in order to eliminate an important bottleneck along the Mediterranean corridor. The development of the overall network will be reflected in the optimization of travel times, the modernization of about 280 km of lines and in the public rail transport system.

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Source: Siemens