Siemens Mobility and RazorSecure have signed a cooperation agreement to provide Rolling Stock operators worldwide with enhanced rail cybersecurity monitoring solutions. Increasing digitalization brings benefits, but also the need for adequate protection against cyber-attacks. The two companies will therefore pool their know-how to secure complex transport systems: RazorSecure is a specialist in providing rail cybersecurity solutions and continuously monitors the behaviour of individual systems and traffic across the full network in real-time. Siemens Mobility is committed to guaranteeing the availability of rail systems with its smart digital asset management systems such as Railigent.

‘Real-time monitoring and the earliest possible detection of irregularities in the IT and software structure of our trains are the only way to ensure 100 per cent fleet availability while maintaining the highest level of cybersecurity. RazorSecure can help us achieve this goal with their expertise and proven solutions,’ said Johannes Emmelheinz, CEO Customer Service at Siemens Mobility.

“The rail industry needs innovative solutions that are designed specifically for its unique challenges. By partnering with Siemens Mobility, we are able to collaborate and build on our product portfolio with the rail cybersecurity expertise, to offer the best comprehensive solutions that enhance the protection of rolling stock,” said Alex Cowan, CEO of RazorSecure.

RazorSecure is headquartered in Basingstoke, UK, and will become part of Siemens Mobility’s partner ecosystem. The so-called Alliance for Availability aims to solve the complex challenge through collaboration and brings together the most diverse service-related processes, technologies, and expertise in an open ecosystem to combine the strength of the rail industry, suppliers, operators, partners and universities. As part of the Alliance for Availability, Siemens Mobility is currently working with 22 global partners.