Siemens Mobility will install its advanced rail signaling technology on line A of the Medellín, Colombia metro and the Patio de Bello depot that serves the metro network. The €42 million contract will include the system design, implementation and certification for the wayside system. In addition, it will optimize the interaction between the existing onboard system with the wayside system infrastructure. The project modernizes the technology installed more than 20 years ago for the city’s first metro line. When completed in 2021, the new system will provide greater availability to passengers.

“We’re proud to be delivering intelligent infrastructure to Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city. Building on our relationship with the transit operator that started more than two decades ago, we’re confident that this new system will increase capacity on the line and provide a safer passenger experience,” stated Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility.

Line A is one of two lines on the Medellin metro system and spans 25.8 km long, conning 21 stations. The entire system carries about one million passengers per day and is known as one of the most avant-garde metro stations in Latin America.

The installation will take place at night to ensure normal operation of the line throughout the day. It will include installing the latest generation Westrace MKII interlockings, modernizing the LZB automated train control system, replacing the railway signals with LED technology and upgrading the communications and energy installations. The new Patio Bello Westrace MK2 interlocking will control a total of 111 track circuits, 58 point machines and 72 signals. It will be fitted with a specific Local Control system.

Source: Siemens