The European Commission and Singapore, having signed an Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation and having held a number of bilateral meetings among officials, decided to officially host their first joint workshop in the field of transport a week ago, during the ITS World Congress in Montreal, Canada. The workshop included two panel sessions discussing challenges and trends in Connected and Automated Technologies as well as  Initiatives and Cooperation between  the two regional partners. Speakers from both regions explained how their visions were being implemented and what challenges they faced in the process. Singapore presented its Smart Mobility Initiative and some of the current development work on autonomous vehicles, the robotics management system, the smart junction system were among those discussed extensively. The European Commission shared insights with the panellists and audience on how automation is impacting traffic management and interoperability in C-ITS technologies along the European Corridors.

The workshop was opened by the Minister for Education (Schools) and Second Minister for Transport for Singapore, Ng Chee Meng who hopes this will be the first of a series of cooperation workshops on transport that will help the two regions learn from each other and take advantage from the benefits of automation. Claire Depre, Head of the ITS Unit at DG MOVE, focused on the C-ITS Strategy and the Cooperation of Public and Private stakeholders in the field of Mobility in Europe while identifying a lot of potential synergies between the two regions.

This workshop was by invitation only and Johanna Tzanidaki, Director of Innovation and Deployment at ERTICO moderated the sessions. The next workshop will take place at ITS World in Copenhagen in September 2018.