An inside look at what makes Seoul tick-technology wise.

By Melissa Jun Rowley

What makes a city smart? How efficiently its public services operate? The digital savviness of its people? The sustainability of its infrastructure? The mayor of Seoul, Korea, Park Won-soon, says, “the key to becoming a smart society is ‘communication’ on a totally different level. A smart city, for instance, involves communication between person and person, people and agencies, and citizens and municipal spaces, with human beings always taking the central position in everything. A smart city is also characterized by its unprecedented level of sharing”.

The city of Seoul, South Korea’s capital and largest metropolis, has been hailed by many travelers and IT experts as the smartest, most connected city in the world. While recently attending the World Knowledge Forum I was able to make my own observations. To say I felt connected and informed while traveling through the megacity is an understatement. As soon as I entered the Sheraton Grand Hotel, where the event took place, I noticed monitors in the floor playing videos of the featured speakers. This isn’t something I’ve seen in New York City…yet.

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