ERTICO’s new Partner is the French Public Authority Toulouse Metropole.

Founded in 1992, Toulouse Metropole has been experiencing an unprecedented demographic growth, which has set new urban challenges ahead. For this reason, the city is focusing on a Smart City innovation strategy, investing in new mobility solutions such as autonomous and connected vehicles, urban air mobility, trains of the future, artificial intelligence, big data and MaaS.

Toulouse brings a lot of expertise to the table in all of ERTICO’s our four focus areas. The city has extensive experience as a regulator and service provider, is actively involved in policies and activities for clean mobility and is testing solutions for firs last mile mobility and shared mobility, not to mention their involvement in the monitoring of urban logistics.

With many new challenges ahead, the City of Toulouse will closely work with ERTICO at European and global level.

“The ERTICO Partnership is not only a one-sided exchange of benefits; it represents an opportunity also for ERTICO”, said Director of Partnership and Communications, Irina Patrascu-Grant. “ERTICO is looking to strengthen the cooperation with cities and regions. We are glad to have Toulouse Metropole on board and we are sure that ERTICO and its Partnership will benefit from this new opportunity”.