Spain holds the Presidency of the Council until December 2023 included and ministers are now holding a series of meetings in parliamentary committees to present the priorities of the Spanish Presidency of the Council. 

Raquel Sánchez, acting Minister for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, presented the focus of the transport and tourism sector.  He stressed that the Presidency will focus on paving the way for green and digital mobility, advancing work on the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and the Single European Sky (SES), as well as on the Maritime safety and Road safety packages. Héctor Gómez, acting Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, promised MEPs to pay special attention to ensuring the digitalisation, sustainability and accessibility of tourism and to advance work on new EU rules on exchange of data on short-term rentals.

MEPs welcomed the focus on TEN-T and SES and asked for all files in the new Road and Maritime safety packages to be treated equally. Some MEPs asked about measures to address the labour shortage in the tourism sector, while others recalled Parliament’s demand to set up an EU tourism agency.

Source: European Parliament