The Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, becomes the latest signatory to the Data for Road Safety (DFRS) Multi-Party Agreement (MPA), showing its commitment to improving road safety through collaborative data-sharing efforts. Joining forces with DFRS, Trafikverket underscores its dedication to safer roads and transportation infrastructure.

The Data for Road Safety (DFRS) Multi-Party Agreement (MPA) aims to enhance road safety by facilitating the seamless exchange of road safety-related data within the Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI) ecosystem. The MPA outlines the guidelines that must be adhered to by all signatories on how to share data under the principle of reciprocity.

Joost Vantomme, ERTICO CEO and Chair of the DFRS General Assembly, welcomed the Swedish Transport Administration Trafikverket saying, “We are pleased to broaden our data space with another road authority joining us. This is clear commitment from Sweden to engage in data sharing to make roads safer for all road users. Our SRTI ecosystem works on a cooperative and reciprocal basis where each partner contributes for the public’s benefit”.

Trafikverket plays a central role in the planning, development, and maintenance of transportation infrastructure and services in Sweden. “At the Traffic Management centres at the Swedish Transport Administration, we try to have an up-to-date view of what’s happening in our road network to provide valid and useful traffic information that enhances the safety of our roads. Safety-related data available via the DFRS collaboration could contribute to that, and we are really looking forward to being part of DFRS”, states Per-Olof Svens, Development Manager and Advisor at Trafikverket.

The collaborative efforts resulting from the MPA empower participating entities to enhance road safety by monitoring and predicting road safety-related events. By expanding its community and strengthening public-private collaboration, DFRS is building a solid network to make available transparent, current, and timely information that significantly contributes to reducing fatalities on our roads.

Other interested OEMs, road authorities, service providers or associations who share DFRS’s commitment to boosting road safety across Europe and beyond are invited to join the platform and its ecosystem by contacting You can find additional information about the Onboarding Process and access to DFRS Technical Documentation by visiting the official website.