The Start-up Boulevard and Innovative Companies is a project undertaken by the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg and will take place at the Strasbourg Convention and Exhibition Centre. The following start-ups will be present:

  • Prends ma place
  • Awaken
  • Knot
  • Strataggem
  • Bikerr
  • Freshmile

In association with innovative companies like Novea 67 and 68, ParCus and Citiz, they will present their services in mobility by means of an interactive card game. Players will be given a specific role to play. Different roles include: a tourist, a family, a Tech aficionado, someone for zero-emission, a total fan Car driver, a person who needs assistance or a businessman. The ‘character’ will then be presented with a specific situation involving intelligent and innovative mobility. To find the solution they will have to combine options proposed by at least 3 of the start-ups or innovative companies in the Boulevard.

For example: the visitor is an electric car driver and needs to recharge the battery of his electric car or needs to use soft mobility solutions. They will be challenged to find their solutions by meeting with startups or companies providing the appropriate new mobility services.

Come and meet some of these brave entrepreneurs who aim to bring something new into the world and leave behind a legacy of creativity and courage.