The Docks the Future Midterm Conference titled “Envisioning the Port of the Future: the 2030 horizon, took place on 4 April in Trieste, hosted by the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, counting with over 100 participants. The conference represented the turning point to present the project results achieved thus far, validating concepts, topics and targets for the Port of the Future. The event was an opportunity to present the AEOLIX platform and particularly the Living Lab 4 located in Trieste to the local stakeholders and to promote the AEOLIX Final Event taking place on 26 June in Hamburg. Other partners involved in this event, besides the Polytechnic of Bari – LL4 leader were University of Trieste, Fernetti Dryport and Samer&Co. Shipping.

AEOLIX was presented by Giorgio Iacobellis, Polytechnic of Bari and Beatrice di Pierro, University of Trieste, as part of the technical session – Envisioning the port of the future (III): The 2020 Future of Federated Systems. The participants showed great interest toward the AEOLIX Platform and were very satisfied to attend the event.

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