The Stockholm Traffic Administration and Bombardier Transportation have presented the new design for a fleet of metro trains which will operate on the Swedish capital’s Red line.

Stockholm is one of the fastest-growing capitals in the EU, and is focussing on sustainable mobility as a means to address the challenges of its increasing urban population. The new metro trains feature specially designed doors to allow faster boarding, and better seating to maximise passenger comfort and capacity.

The number of priority zones in the trains has been increased to eight, allowing more room for people with reduced mobility, such as wheelchair users, the elderly, and parents travelling with young children.

Finally, the trains have been designed in line with strict environmental standards in terms of energy consumption and the materials used in their construction. These materials are 98 per cent recyclable. Aspects of their design should also deliver reduced maintenance costs and noise than currently operating trains.

Bombardier’s Managing Director in Sweden, Klas Wåhlberg, said: ‘When public transport is attractive, sustainable travel will increase. With this metro design, Stockholm has taken this motto to an entirely new level to the benefit of both commuters and the city as a whole for many years to come.’

Original author: Lewis Macdonald